Our goal here is to create a database of famous individuals from European History, created by the students for others to read and comment on. It is by no means designed to be a definitive or expert collection but rather a work in progress. All of the students are editors and contributors and we hope that it will grow, year by year, and be of some use both to the education of these students in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, but for others as well.

Please feel free to read through our various pages and leave constructive comments and criticisms so that they can be improved upon.

Sean Heaney
St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Secondary School
Oakville, ON

Louis the XIV: An Absolutely Fabulous Monarch
Napoléon Bonaparte From Emperor to Exile: The Victories of Napoleon Bonaparte
Marie Curie: The Secrets Within
Catherine II of Russia: She Really Was Great!
Antonio Vivaldi
Claude Monet - The Classical Impressionist
Oliver Cromwell - King in all but name
Virginia Woolf - A Literary Genius
Victor Hugo
Rene Descartes - " I think, therefore I am"
Charles De Gaulle - "How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?"
Mary Wollstonecraft
Alexandrina Victoria
Alan Turing
Charles I
Vladimir Lenin
Albert Einstein
Joseph Stalin
Christopher Columbus - "No one expected the Spanish Inquisition"Anne Boleyn - A quest for power leads to the ultimate downfall
Maximilien Robespierre Revolutionary or Madman?
Leonardo da Vinci - A Man Ahead of His Time
Queen Elizabeth I
Adolf Hitler- One People, One Empire, One Leader
Winston Churchill
Karl Marx - The Father of Communism
Peter the Great - Is he the Greatest Man Alive?Francis Bacon - "Knowledge is power"
Charles Edward Stuart
Vlad the Impaler
Martin Luther
Cosimo de' Medici - Master of Florence